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Blankets Wraps & Swaddling

Newborn and young babies love to feel cosy and secure as they adjust to the new surroundings around them. During their time in the womb a baby is in a warm, comforting and soothing environment. When using a swaddling blanket this often recreates the sensations the baby had in the womb.

Research has suggested that babies who are settled using a swaddling blanket often experience a deeper sleep and are likely to wake less frequently and that using a swaddling blanket can help the development in low birth weight and premature babies. The swaddling blanket can help keep newborns from being disturbed by their Moro startle reflexease the discomfort of colic in the early weeks, and reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

We have a great selection of traditional nursery 100% cotton swaddling blankets from Baby Sense and more contemporary bright and colourful out and about anti-pill polar fleece wraps and cocoons from Cozyosko. Hippychick and Cozyosko blankets tick all the boxes for soft and comfy cot, pram, and buggie blankets.

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